Congratulations! You passed the pre-license course! Now, for the hardest part of the entire process. Besides all of the time, money and effort that will go into your new real estate career, passing the state exam is the MOST crucial part. And let us tell you a dirty little secret that MOST schools don't tell you. HALF of all FIRST-TIME exam takers FAIL! Yes, that's true. For the past several years the results have been the same. The exam is INTENTIONALLY difficult. Not just to cull the herd of people seeking their license, the exam is INTENTIONALLY difficult to make sure that everyone selling real estate in Florida does so from a strong position of knowledge and skills to help the end consumer, buyers, sellers and renters of real estate.

One way to help assure your success is with EXAM PREP EDGE through Total Career Education, LLC. Here at Momentum Real Estate,LLC, we are PROUD to PARTNER with them to offer you the best, most advanced exam prep. Not only do we offer a GREAT & SUBSTANTIAL discount for ANYONE who wants to take the course, we provide a way to end up taking EXAM PREP EDGE for FREE!

To obtain your DISCOUNT for EXAM PREP EDGE, simply call, text or e-mail Melvia Kingen, our VP of Agent Success, at 813-508-1174 or and she will give you the current discount code. It's that simple.


FREE! Zip! Nada! Nothing! That's what it costs when you take EXAM PREP EDGE through Total Career Education, LLC and then affiliate with Momentum Real Estate, LLC. At Momentum, we pay our agents back ALL EXPENSES for obtaining or continuing their licensing education through Total Career Education, LLC, as long as our agents are affiliated with us.

To take EXAM PREP EDGE for FREE, simply register for the course (you can still use the discount code from above), pay for and attend the course. When you obtain your real estate license, join Momentum Real Estate, LLC. We'll pay you back out of your first commission. It doesn't get any simpler or easier than that.


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