Broker leads come from three primary sources. All of our agents are welcome to participate in our broker leads program. There are NO signup and NO ongoing fees to participate, you only pay when you close a deal.

First, we have established referral partners who send our brokerage and/or agents leads. These sources charge a percentage of the earned commission for these referrals. The percentage is generally 20-35% per lead.

Second, there are outside broker leads and referrals directly from outside agents. These leads will also generally charge a percentage of the earned commission.

Third, we conduct several lead-generating efforts where the leads come directly into our brokerage. We charge a 25% referral fee for each of these leads.

Nobody, including Momentum can guarantee the quality and/or quantity of provided leads. If you take a lead, you must work it and report back as required by the lead source. We will show you how to cultivate leads into sales. The referral fees and all information about the lead are transparent and will be available to you before accepting the lead. You can specify an area or price range, but flexibility is encouraged because the lead source doesn’t always have all of the information correct or the lead’s needs may change.

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